. I then went on to have brown discharge twice during the day which is what I normally get before AF.

Menopause-related changes.

Took me another couple of days until I thought ‘was that a normal period’ took a test then positive.

I also did an OPK this morning and it was positive but I know that can just mean my period is on it's way. The amount, color, and consistency of your cervical mucus changes throughout your menstrual cycle due to fluctuating hormone levels. Has anyone had.


May 31, 2010 2:26PM. Last month I had the normal spotting but then AF didn't arrive when it was due (we are TTC) so did a pg test which was +. Hi.

Jelly discharge (TMI!) 14 answers /. Bfp and brown discharge: I just got my bfp.

Wearing a white pantyliner or white underwear can help accurately determine the shade.

Brown/pink CM is fine - it's really common to get small bleeds through first few weeks.

Inactive. Fairly light, but my periods do always start light for a couple days anyway.

Mar 3, 2018 · Implantation bleeding tends to occur before menstruation is expected, this is usually between six and twelve days after ovulation. Throughout the menstrual cycle, fluctuating hormone levels cause the amount and thickness of cervical mucus to change.

May 31, 2010 · May 31, 2010 2:26PM.
anyone else have this? Worried.
There will be implantation blood to come out, you.

I then went on to have brown discharge twice during the day which is what I normally get before AF.

On Tuesday I had some clear jelly, then yesterday I had a tiny bit of brown jelly, then this morning I had brown discharge, has anyone had this and still got a BFP??? AF due in 4 days xxx.

. I tested on day 29 of a 28/9 day cycle, it was super faint. Implantation bleeding has a thinner, “waterier” consistency and does not contain clots.

Inactive. . Jul 28, 2022 · First, wash your hands thoroughly before and after performing the methods mentioned below. She explains. . .

Discharge before a period tends to be cloudy or white, due to the increased presence of progesterone, a hormone involved in both the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

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Apr 29, 2009 · I had a very suspicious bleed before my BFP.

Day 22 to 28.